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Neville Martin. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in Down

My name is Neville Martin. I have been teaching guitar for over 7 years and have been playing for 25. I am adept in many different styles of music fro... read more > >


Neville Martin

Some Are Destined To Perform. Others To Communicate...

22nd December 2011


When I was younger I dreamed of being in an international Rock band. Touring the world and playing huge arenas to thousands of screaming and adoring fans. I  guess this is a pretty common dream for many a young rock musician, albeit a breif one as the onset of adulthood and responsibilities takes a firm grip of your Les Paul. 

For me a different story began to unfold. I was working a very comfortable sales job, getting paid well and enjoying what most people would call a high quality of life. I always played the guitar in my spare time and was in and out of various bands throughout the years. When I got to about 30 years old I realised that it wasn't enough anymore just to play as a hobby. I wanted to play my guitar full time - for a living so to speak.

At this stage I was married and had a young daughter and the old desire to tour the world suddenly seemed not only unlikely but somewhat undesireable. After all I didn't want to miss a seccond of my baby girl growing up. 

To help with buying nappies, baby food and all the other expensis that come with having a nipper I decided to start teaching guitar from my house. I placed an ad in the local shop window and within a few weeks I had a couple of students sitting staring at me with their oversized guitars on lap, waiting to be taught.

At this point I can honestly say something happened inside me. I began to get excitied when it was an evening I had lessons. I started breaking down tiny elements of my style into bite sized chunks for the students to digest, and in doing so I was forced to reevaluate my own style and level of playing.

I got so into it I decided to spread the word further and now a lot of my students were coming to me from referals. I slowly began to realise that each and every one of them had a different level of natural ability and learned at different speeds and in different ways. 

I started to plan well ahead of each lesson and I soon found myself able to adapt in a chameleon like way to each different student. It was here that I realised I not only had a great passion for music but I also had a great passion (and talent) for teaching music. It was a revelation, it was a feeling that finaly after all this time; I had finally discovered what it was I was meant to be doing in life!

This all sounds a bit corny but to put it all into perspective, I was so serious about it I resigned form my comfortable desk job and decided I was going to teach full time. Many would have thought that in this day and age doing something like leaving a well paying job to teach music was reckless, especialy since I now had a big mortage and two baby girls and a new mum to look after! 

In many ways yes, it was a risk but I also feel like I didn't have a choice, nor did I need one. 

I was put here to play music, but more importanly I was chosen to teach.


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