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Petros Margaris. Guitar Teacher.

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Petros Margaris

From Experience-parents Pt.1

12th July 2012


..Hello everybody.

I thought it would be a good idea to write down a series of notes regarding the very beggining of the process that lead to learning an instrument.I am sure a lot of the other instructors would have had a comment or two on the subject,i apologize if you end up reading similar things but i havent bothered to read every single article on the site,i am a busy father of two after all.This first part of my notes mostly goes out to the parent who's looking for a teacher for their child.Everything i write about is based on my personal experience and i promise i 'll try and keep it short...


We all want the best for our children.I know i want the best for mine,want them to have the best in toys,books,bicycles,clothes,shoes'm sure we all  want them to have everything they need and more,we like to see them happy,it makes us parents happy and we all want our kids to grow to a succesfull,educated,well spoken,financially independent adult.

We want them to experience life to the full,we want to share our experiences,our knowledge,our hobbies and our insights.Everything we do as parents,one way or another,pushes our children to a direction in life and that,outside their individual personality characteristics,is a key factor to the developement of their character.Wether we share an old story from a Ladybird book for bedtime,expose them to a video clip from Popeye to playing Motzart as background music during breakfast,everything plays its part to our childs future.

One lesson i learned well,during the thirtyfive years i have been involved in all maters musical,is that,more often than not, its not a good idea to try and force a child to learn an instrument.

That comes from my personal learning experience,i did not start with the guitar but with the tuba(!),but that is a story i will not bore you with and my teaching experience.

I have tought young students in the last decade that were not interested,or ready,in learning the guitar.However their parents wanted them to learn an instrument.Fathers usually want their sons to play guitar because they always wanted to themselves,while mothers just want them to learn music but dont want to spend a grand on a piano that might also take up all the space in the lounge,while for their daughters they usually go for the fiddle....That ALWAYS resulted to those students giving it up,once they finish primary.They all treated their guitar playing as just another lesson/club imposed upon them.They practised very little,made very little progress in long periods of time and at the end of the day they did not enjoy it.They would much more prefer to play with a ball or spend an hour on the XBox or something.

So i guess my message to all parents looking out for a tutor is this:Make sure your child HAS shown an interest in  learning music/instrument before you find an instructor.Try and postpone it for a while it if its something YOU want for your child while your child has not shown any interest.Especially if its too young,under ten years old.Of course make suggestions,of course play music in the background but dont just go and book a dozen of sessions or force it to join that after school club,it might backfire on you.

There is no doubt that music IS the best form of education any creature can be exposed to and its even used as therapy by many doctors today.According to Plato everybody should learn music one way or another.I agree...however there are different approaches to the same thing.One can also learn enough music just by listening,after all its a hearing art based on experience we are dealing with.

We are all individuals and maybe your child will want to learn an instrument after they have been exposed to music for a much longer period of time,a late start is not always a dissadvantage,on the contrary...

You are going to be a far more efficient learner when you are ready to learn...So sometimes is best not to rush things for your child.

Now all that is MY personal opinion based on my experience,i apologize if some of my notes are not politicaly correct,personal experiences usualy arent politicaly correct,besides i do literaly translate from my native tongue:-)




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