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Petros Margaris

From Experience-parents Pt2

23rd July 2012


So parent...

Our child has shown interest in learning the guitar.

Great i say.

Now all you need is a guitar and a tutor.

Unless you have played guitar or another instrument your self,chances are that you will make the most common mistake a parent does.

What is that?You buy a cheap guitar from your local music store,or on ebay,or even worst you ask a friend to lend you that guitar that's been sitting in a loft the last twenty years.

Ebay is great if you can get a reputable mid priced instrument very cheap,local music dealer....great if they tell you that cheap IS cheap,while the guitar from the loft,dont even think about it.

Make sure you buy the best possible instrument your money can buy.

I have seen more people,not just kids,give up,lose focus,as they felt <untalented>,than for any other reason .

99,9% was because of a poorly constructed instrument.

Without exageration,trying to learn to play with a cheap and badly made guitar is like trying to learn to drive in a car with three flat tyres,a broken clutch,bad brakes and no mirrors.

It is almost impossible.

So dont go out and spend 20 pounds on a really cheap basic instrument,give a little bit more and buy an instrument from a reputable company.

Besides even if your child,or you,decide that they will not continue with guitar playing you can resell a discent instrument without loosing much,while trying to get rid of a cheap instrument is not an easy task,even on ebay.

I almost forgot the obvious,if your child is left handed make sure you buy a left handed guitar,or have the shop's technician turning the strings around....


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