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George  Marios. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in Yorkshire (West)

Hi everyone, My name is George Marios and I am a recording artist currently based in Leeds, but soon to be relocated to London in early September 2012... read more > >


George Marios

Session Work-tips And Thoughts On Working In The Studio With Other Artists

19th August 2012


  Hey guys, Today I would like to take the time to talk a bit about working in the studio, which is an aspect of my music career that I enjoy greatly. Whether you are a session musician, hired to play for other people, or you work on your own material it's good to be aware of certain things in order to make the process more productive and enjoyable. 1) Know your material: That is a very important thing to keep in mind, specially if you are hired to play for someone else's project/album. I  have been involved in situations where certain members of the project where under prepared and ,trust me, it is an element that can cause a lot of negativity in a studio environment. Remember that somebody is paying you a good fee to be there, so you wanna make sure you do that person's work justice with your performance, particularly if you wanna get another call for studio work. 2) Know your gear: 'Do you know that song by John Mayer?Yeah 'Gravity'…….Could you make the guitar sound like that?'  'I need the guitar to sound a bit more bluesy, like B.B King' 'Can I have a bit of that Andy Timmons rock tone?' Quotations like the ones above, are a frequent element in studio life, specially if you deal with people who know what sound they want from you. So, it is really important to know your gear and to be able to communicate with the artist/producer in order to deliver what they seek from you. 3) You are a part of a plethora of sounds.Know where you belong sonically: That kind of awareness comes with time and experience.It is absolutely essential to know that you are serving the song and NOT any short of personal egos with your instrument. Know that your part 'coexists' with other instrument's parts so it is important to NOT get in the way of the other instruments and limit yourself to the sonic space that is given to you. That, of course, depends on the genre of song e.x Guitar has a lot of space in a blues/rock trio whereas in a big band/soul piece guitar only has a small part within many sounds(horns,piano,bass,vocals,drums,percussion etc). 4) Go in with a smile on your face and enjoy the experience: 'Studio work', implies that for most of the time, you are going to be in a room full of people that you won't probably know. As a result, you wanna make sure you have a positive attitude that will enable the rest of the team to open up, relax and have a productive and pleasant session. Even when things go wrong, try to maintain a positive attitude and look past the problems that might occur in a session. Remember, shit happens and its all down to how you react when they do:-) 5) Be confident: That is a tough one and again ,it comes with time and experience and I think that alongside with it being a feeling, it is also an ability. The way to gain that ability, for better or for worse,is  completely personal, so , its down to YOU to find that inner balance that will make you able to be confident and relaxed about what you do and who you are as a musician. Peace, George Marios

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