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Marco Cirillo. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in London is a must for every guitar players that want to START TO LEARN ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC GUITAR, IMPROVE TECHNIQUE,... read more > >

Marco Cirillo

New Backing Track Ready For My Students ... ... ... ...

9th May 2013


The Backing Track gives you 100% Result Guaranteed

One of the greatest benefit you will have by studying here is the Backing Track.

By Studying with the Backing Track you will be sure :

You are practicing with a constant Bpm You are improve gradually and constantly You are developing Strength You are developing Coordination You are developing Creativity

I don't use Backing Tracks downloaded from the web. All the media are specifically designed for a particular bunch of exercises.

The Video you gonna watch now will help you to better understanding...This is an exercise for the Major Scale Box

Click the You Tube Link


A Major Scale exercises just became a Funny, Practical and Efficient way to Improve by having Fun.

The same Backing Track with three different speeds will give you 100% Result Guaranteed.

You will master the Guitar in a short time !!!

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