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Marco Cirillo. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in London is a must for every guitar players that want to START TO LEARN ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC GUITAR, IMPROVE TECHNIQUE,... read more > >

Marco Cirillo

Linear Expression: Pat Martino

19th May 2013


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I love this book. Do you want to know about the art of improvisation? This is the book then !! A good knowledge about harmony, reading and modes is essential. I really love the “Phase III” (has he names it) with the vertical and horizontal movement. For brave students only.

By Using this Book you will:

- Improve your knowledge about Guitar Modes

- Improve your Guitar Phrasing 

- Gain your Creativity 

- Learn Med-Advanced Music Concept ( Improvising, Scales, Modes)

- Improve your knowledge about the Fretboard (Fingerboard)


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