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Marco Cirillo. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in London is a must for every guitar players that want to START TO LEARN ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC GUITAR, IMPROVE TECHNIQUE,... read more > >

Marco Cirillo

Rhythm Guitar The Complete Guide: Bruce Buckingham

24th May 2013



RHYTHM GUITAR THE COMPLETE GUIDE: Bruce Buckingham[/caption] For the Acoustic Guitar Player at the beginning of his path this book will be fundamental. Develop your Strumming and Chords chops by studying exercises and rhythm patterns that will guide you step-by-step through the Acoustic Guitar. Usually combined with another book as Premieras Lecons de Guitara. By using this book you will:

- Develop you Rhythm

- Improve you Chords Skills

- Learn all the Basic Guitar Chords

- Learn How to play Barre Chords

- Develop your Strumming

- Learn Arpegiated Patterns

- Learn Power Chords Chords

- Learn Chord with Added Ninth 

- Develop your Strumming

- Learn Dominant 9th Chords

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