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Adam  Taylor (BA hons). Guitar and Bass Teacher.

Guitar and Bass teacher based in Oxfordshire

Adam Taylor is a performer, teacher and composer from Oxford. He is the winner of the 'Eric Kershaw memorial prize for plectrum guitar', the Leeds Col... read more > >

Adam Taylor (BA hons)

Learn How To Play Jazz Guitar


Jazz is something that to some people seems "too hard" or "too complicated". This puts them off discovering a wonderful genre of music that has more to offer than is first apparent. One of the key themes of my teaching is to de-mystify jazz guitar, to allow the student to get to the heart of what is going on and understand it.

With the right tutorage, it is possible to learn how to play jazz and understand this music. I have found through my teaching that concepts that seem overwhelming  a lot of the time to students soon feel more manageable with my clear, focused guidance.

There is a way to learn jazz and it might be different to what you are used to or what you thought. If jazz is something that you are interested in but don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed, I can help.

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