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JOHN WARD. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in Hampshire

I am an ex professional musician with over 40 yrs playing experience and over 30yrs teaching experience with students from 6 - 75 yrs of age. Lessons ... read more > >





Just For The Record: There IS such a thing as Talent. Whether it’s Playing a musical instrument, or laying bricks, or painting a ceiling.

The problem arises when people start to believe that without a huge dollop of it you cant do something well.


This Is Not True!


The frequently held belief that in order to play a musical instrument well you must have been touched on the forehead by the god of music while you were still in the cradle is complete nonsense. I took up the guitar when I was 11 because I was crap at football & didn’t like going out at break/lunch-time in the pouring rain – and it looked cool on the TV.

All it takes is a regular amount of practice & the desire to “get good.”

There’s a reason that my business cards carry the statement, “Anyone Can Play The Guitar – All You Need Is The Right Teacher”

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