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JOHN WARD. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in Hampshire

I am an ex professional musician with over 40 yrs playing experience and over 30yrs teaching experience with students from 6 - 75 yrs of age. Lessons ... read more > >



Practicing 'n Stuff


The thing that I keep (endlessly) telling my students is that the fastest, easiest, simplest way to improve their playing & get to where they want to be on a guitar is just to practice regularly.

If your lifestyle/other commitments only allow you to practice your guitar for 15 minutes – make that your 15 minutes. Lock yourself away & tell everyone else to leave you alone for the next 15 minutes – and then practice! – Don’t noodle.


For example:

15 minutes every day will lead to improvement – trying to make up for a lack of practice routine by “cramming” an hour twice a week instead with lead to sore fingers. Focused practice is the key here, obviously 30, 45, 60 minutes will be better than 15, but the point is regular practice – and everyone can find 15 minutes somewhere.

The idea behind the lessons is to give students the tools to be able to go out & play the guitar & sound like themselves - the last thing the world needs is a bunch of mini-me's

And another thing – guitars are supposed to be played & they’re supposed to be FUN! Once you can knock out a few chords/tunes, get together with a couple of friends & Jam!

It doesn’t matter if you’re “not good”

It doesn’t matter if it never goes anywhere except the room in which you play – garage bands are fun & cool, I was in one when I was 15/16/17

It doesn’t matter if you’re into blues, reggae, punk, pop, or any combination of the above (or anything else for that matter) just get out there & play with other people. The things you will learn from simply playing songs with others can not be learned any other way – so just do it.

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