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JOHN WARD. Guitar Teacher.

Guitar teacher based in Hampshire

I am an ex professional musician with over 40 yrs playing experience and over 30yrs teaching experience with students from 6 - 75 yrs of age. Lessons ... read more > >



Random Thoughts


Is it necessary to learn songs to learn to “play”?

In a word – no. You can learn everything you need to learn about playing the guitar without ever playing a song. But isn’t playing songs the reason you wanted to play the guitar in the first place?


In these days of “I’ll just grab the tab off the internet” it occurs to me that something’s missing. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m as likely to check out my favourite tab site as the next guy, but it seems to me that a lot of younger players (yes – I’m actually older than the internet) never learned how to work out a song just by listening to it. Some people seem to think that I have magic ears & I can play just about anything after hearing it once. I don’t & I can’t. What I CAN do is hear the “chord shape” that’s being played (usually).Example: play a D chord, 1st position. Listen to the noise it makes. That’s the only time your guitar will make that noise! Put just one finger in a different place & the whole sound changes. I know that may seem a little obvious, but it’s the reason that when I first heard George Harrison play Here Comes The Sun I knew that despite the key it’s in, he was playing a D-shaped chord, so all I had to do was work out how far up the neck he’d put the capo.


Thought For The Day: Do you seriously think that Usain Bolt's coach/trainer can run faster than him? Just because you can play a string of notes faster than your teacher doesn't mean he has nothing to teach you. Teaching is as much about coaching/mentoring a student as it is about showing them where to put their fingers,

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