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Nim Sadot. Bass Teacher.

Bass teacher based in London

Hello, I am a professional bass player/tutor based in London. I teach Bass guitar for varying ages and abilities. I have preformed in "2012,2013,2014 ... read more > >


Nim Sadot

The 8 Sure Steps To Take Your Bass Playing To The Next Level


The 8 sure steps to take your bass playing to the next level

1- Set your Goals - set short and long term goals, Organize your tasks,manage your stress, The best way is to identify and list three important tasks you need to accomplish,divide the time you going to spend on each, be effective,don't rush,if you choose to practice on 3 note pattern Ionian accomplish that and don't jump to the next thing, spend more time on the things that are hard and master the things that are not easy to the same level as the easy ones. You will accomplish a lot More by spending 15 min a day on one thing.there is always tomorrow and that is the only true way to really master your Playing and accomplish your goals  

2- Consistency, Self discipline - create a routine, don't practice on different things every time, work on your routine and be consistence, it's a good way to warm up before you practicing new stuff,new song,solo etc... Write down what you need to practice and once you can really play it add new things to your routine.  

3- Play More,  Play with other musicians, find someone to play with, it can be a friend, some one you see play and you like what you see and you feel at the same level, put ads,look for ads to find bands,musicians, everybody needs a bass player, don't be scared, go to as many auditions as you can,jam sessions, most of the time you don't have to be fast,smart or flashy in your playing, if you have good rhythm and feel you can play with most bands and that's what most bands want.if you ever face any kind of situations you are not comfortable with musically you can always work and practice at home, most bands will send you before a song or two,sometimes a cover so you will have time to learn the music, do your home work, come ready.  

4- Practice with practice tracks - it is very important for us bass players to hear the harmony (the chord), when we practicing along to a backing track with harmony we can really hear how what we are playing works and sounds,you also get to work on your time (drum beat is better then a metronome) and on your ear training, after listening  for one month to Maj7 chord you might start recognize it when you hear it.  

5- Record Yourself - so you can hear mistakes, get ideas, remember ideas, it is very importan t, so many times I was listening Back in the studio to what we just recorded and I did changed something in my bass playing,feel,sound .  

6- Get creative - Listen to different styles of music, different time signature, different drum beats, check the best and famous bass players out there.  

7- Work on new techniques, Slap,Tap,pick Playing,4 finger technique,Thumb 'mute' playing, work on different techniques by choosing one, practice minimum of 5 minutes a day on that technique, practice the same st uff you practice in your regular routine, you won't believe how much you can achieve after spending Only 5 minutes a day for one month.  

8- Find a teacher or a mentor - I've done that a lot in different times in my career, I still remember all of them.They all have a special place in my heart,some where better then others but they all inspired me from week to week, I learned a lot about bass playing,teaching and how to deal with life as a musician.

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