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Nim Sadot. Bass Teacher.

Bass teacher based in London

Hello, I am a professional bass player/tutor based in London. I teach Bass guitar for varying ages and abilities. I have preformed in "2012,2013,2014 ... read more > >


Nim Sadot

First Lesson !


    First Lesson   In the first lesson the student and i can both learn each other,i will explain what i expect from them like to be on time,to practise everyday for minimum 20 minutes,to come ready for the lesson   and to bring any music/song/solo/bass line/book they would like me to teach them,the most important thing is to let me know if they are not 100% sure they understand any of the material i teach them. then i will ask some questions like what music does he/she like ? why did he/she choose bass? how long do they play for? did he/she learned other instrument? if the student know about music theory i will ask what chords/Scales they know? in what level they can read ? do they know all the intervals and so on until i know exactly what the student know.   After that i will explain what i will teach ( all the chords/scales etc...) and how to apply it in our bass playing, usually my lessons start's by going throw everything we learned in our last lesson,then teaching something new in   music theory and or technique (slap/tap/pick etc...),if they would like to learn how to read we will continue in our book(i will recommend a few),in the last part of my lessons i will teach any song,bass line,solo or any other musical part the student would like to learn,99% of the time i can learn it on the spot, if not i will learn it at home so i will be ready for the next lesson,   i might play a bit to demonstrate different technics,     Usually this whole part of the first lesson takes about 10-20 minuets but from this point i know the student's level and what i will teach him for the next 8-10 lessons (after that i can see the students strong and wick points),   so lets start, the most important thing in the first lesson is how to hold the bass and how to use our hands, the position of the arms/hands on the bass are crucial, in order to play well we need to play right :) i will explain everything from where to press and why,how to use our hands/fingers and why, i will go through this with every new student,even if he/she been playing for 20 years. The next thing i will give you some exercise for your right/left hand technique (technique is also sound,not just speed), if it's your first lesson on bass i will write down for you all the notes till the 6th fret on all 4 stings(or 5-6) and then i will write the first Cmaj7 scale, i will add some things you can play on it like 3rds, 3 note ptn etc ... I will explain how/why/when we use this scale and how to practise it, i will make sure you understand everything   we learned,i will ask you to ask me anything you are not sure about + anything you would like to ask about bass guitar,   by now the lesson will be close to finish and i will explain how you should practise, it's very important you practise every day, slowly to a metronome/click and to make sure your right/left hands are playing right, there are a few   more points but lets leave it to the end of the first lesson :)   The lesson is over,time goes fast when you having fun :) 1 hour or a bit more, i never count extra 5-10 minutes if that   will make the student feeling comfortable knowing what he needs to practise so he will become the bass player he want's to be,   I will book with you the next lesson + will ask you to bring any music/book you would like me to teach you.     I came up with this "first lesson" method after teaching more then 150 students in 14 years and i can say that 100 % of them are ready to play/learn bass by the second lesson,even the ones that didn't practised much are holding the bass in the right way, i will keep saying alot stuff like "left hand thumb down" or "right hand second finger" and so on, i will say this in the next few months until it's ok but as much as i think i couldn't come with a better "first lessons",   Thanks for reading,   All rights reserved,copyright - London Bass Lessons by Nim Sadot               

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