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Nim Sadot. Bass Teacher.

Bass teacher based in London

Hello, I am a professional bass player/tutor based in London. I teach Bass guitar for varying ages and abilities. I have preformed in "2012,2013,2014 ... read more > >


Nim Sadot

My Scale Method :))


This method is not for beginners, i usually teach some of it in the first lesson   but if you are just starting it's not going to make any sense unless you have been playing some other instrument.   The basic idea is that we need to know all the chords and the scales,   For each chord we can fit a few scales, once we know the right scale or scales there are   many things we can play, for example i will take Cmaj7,for any xmaj7 chord we can   play Ionian,lydian and major pentatonic scales but for now i will stay with Ionian,   In Cmaj7 Ionian scale we have the notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C                                                   strings A-A-D-D-D-G-G-G i will give each note a number so the first note (C) is 1 and the second Note (D) is 2 etc... so i have 1-2-3-4-5-6-7+-8,    i named the seventh note 7+ because it's a Xmaj7 chord and not X7,   Ok now for the fun stuff,We can play 3 note pattern     1-2-3   C-D-E   and going back    8-7+-6  C-B-A   2-3-4   D-E-F                             7+-6-5  B-A-G   3-4-5   E-F-G                             6-5-4   A-G-F   4-5-6   F-G-A                             5-4-3   G-F-E   5-6-7+  G-A-B                           4-3-2   F-E-D   6-7+-8  A-B-C                           3-2-1   E-D-C   We can play the same thing backwards     3-2-1   E-D-c   and going back    6-7+-8  A-B-C     4-3-2   F-E-D                            5-6-7+  G-A-B    5-4-3   G-F-E                            4-5-6   F-G-A     6-5-4   A-G-F                            3-4-5   E-F-G   7+-6-5  B-A-G                          2-3-4   D-E-F   8-7+-6  C-B-A                       1-2-3   C-D-E     we can be more creative by playing one forward and one backwards,     1-2-3   C-D-E   and going back 6-7+-8  A-B-C   4-3-2   F-E-D                          7+-6-5  B-A-G      3-4-5   E-F-G                          4-5-6   F-G-A    6-5-4   A-G-F                          5-4-3   G-F-E    5-6-7+  G-A-B                        2-3-4   D-E-F   8-7+-6  C-B-A                        3-2-1   E-D-C     or two forwards two backwards      1-2-3   C-D-E   and going back 8-7+-6  C-B-A   2-3-4   D-E-F                          7+-6-5  B-A-G   5-4-3   G-F-E                          4-5-6   F-G-A     6-5-4   A-G-F                          3-4-5   E-F-G   5-6-7+ G-A-B                         4-3-2   F-E-D   6-7+-8 A-B-C                         3-2-1   E-D-C   Ok, so now we can mix it as we like, for example one forward two backwards or two backwards one forward       3-2-1    E-D-C   and going back 6-7+-8  A-B-C     4-3-2    F-E-D                          5-6-7+  G-A-B    3-4-5    E-F-G                          4-5-6   F-G-A   4-5-6    F-G-A                          5-4-3   G-F-E    5-6-7+  G-A-B                         2-3-4   D-E-F   8-7+-6  C-B-A                         1-2-3   C-D-E     So we can create our own patterns with in the 3 note pattern, we can play anything, four backwards and one forward but you get the idea,     now we need to do the same thing in 4 note pattern,5 note pattern,6 note pattern,7 note pattern etc ....   and we can also use it in the intervals-3rds,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th.   we can play triads and septa chords plus a few more things.   Now we need to play it in all the 12 keys, the system stays the same,the first note is all ways 1 and the second note is 2 etc...     After we play it in all 12 notes we can move on to the next scale.     The good news is that there are only 12 notes and 10 important scales for most music styles,pop,rock,soul,RnB,funk etc...   and 5 more important scales if we want to play jazz.   We can use it for our bass lines or solos and you will find it very effective.  


Nim Sadot

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