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George  Marios. Guitar Teacher.
George  Marios

Guitar teacher
Based in Yorkshire (West)

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Hi everyone, My name is George Marios and I am a recording artist currently based in Leeds, but soon to be relocated to London in early September 2012. I moved to the UK in 2007, age 17, in order to attend Leeds College of Music(BA Degree) and I graduated with a first in 2010. While in College, i recorded my debut album which involved musicians from all around the world. It received great reviews from the press in the UK, Australia ,South America and Brazil and it was embraced by the guitar community with great enthusiasm. I also had the pleasure of being selected in the top 12 out of 2000 guitar players in the 2009 Guitar Idol contest. This gave me an opportunity to share the stage with some fantastic musicians from all around the world as well as music legends such as Steve Vai and Steve Smith. Soon after my appearance in the competition i was offered a deal with Lick Library, the leading label for Instrumental tuition. This lead to the release of a Guitar Tuition DVD in 2010, covering aspects of my technique and overall approach to Guitar playing. After finishing my Degree(2010) i got more actively into teaching,both on a one to one basis as well as Skype tuition, getting to teach people from the UK,Greece,India,Germany,USA and Australia. A lot of my students got into Berklee College of Music, LIPA and Leeds College of Music, so as to carry on with their studies and pursue a music career. In 2011 and 2012, I started getting involved in intense session work, recording for film composers who work in the Bollywood film Industry, rock bands from Greece, Pop artists from the Ivory coast as well as doing session musicianship workshops in Leeds College of Music. I also did a mini-clinic tour in Greece which gave me the opportunity to interact with some very talented young musicians. Those days, I am working in my upcoming EP as well as recording some more material for Lick Library and doing more session work. I am also very much looking forward to moving down to London and getting a chance to experience the music scene in the British Capital. Looking forward to hearing from you , All the best, George Marios


I teach from beginners to advanced students. I welcome the individuality of each student and design a lesson plan to suit the individual.


Advanced Techniques in Rock/Country/Metal/Fusion -(Hybrid Picking,Intervallic Playing,Extended Legato Lines,Alternate Picking,Economy Picking,Sweep Picking,Tapping)A Plethora of Rhythm Guitar Styles (Rock/Funk/Country/Rn


30 Pounds/h


Yorkshire (West)


96 Ash Road LS6 3HD




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