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Rob Clydesdale. Guitar Teacher.
Rob Clydesdale

Guitar teacher
Based in Hertfordshire

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Hi, welcome to 'it ain't gonna play itself' a small company devoted to all things guitar. Both as performer with my band 3D Echo and as a solo artist, I've had the opportunity to work with all sorts of artists from almost every sector of the music industry, from the cult artists such as Marden Hill to mainstream artists like David Bowie. Along the way I've also had the privilege of working alongside great producers like Dave Richards (Queen,Duran Duran etc) Nick Tauber ( Thin Lizzy, Marillion)and record at the world famous Mountain Studios in Montreux. I have now decided to start up a brand new guitar tutoring business 'itaintgonnaplayitself', a revolutionary way to learn guitar quicker using simple techniques! This business was set up for like minded guitar playing enthusiasts who want to maintain that all important inspiration & confidence through their expression!!!!


All levels taught Performance coaching & Band mentoring available


All styles taught apart from classical


25.00 an hour / £12.50 half hour




SG14 3AR




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24 Hour Guitarathon For The Spinal Injuries Association


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