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Kevin Webb. Guitar and Bass Teacher.
Kevin Webb

Guitar and Bass teacher
Based in Gwent

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Your guitar lessons will be unique and personal for you - over 30 years teaching and performing with beginners to aspiring advanced, young and over-40's, single and groups.

Your guitar lessons will be professional and effective - experienced and qualified teacher, Masters in Education, BEd, Foundation Arts Degree in Music Industry Entrepreneurship (Distinction), five-time educational international award winner, Music Leader through Colston Hall (Bristol), featured in University of South Wales' work-based learning promotional video.

You don't need to take grades, but you can if you want to - Arts Award Advisor; Registry of Guitar Tutors member; grades through Trinity, RockSchool, RGT; workshops and events just for fun and making it work with others.

Professionally trained Guitar Repair Servicing technicians - get your guitar set up during the sessions. Also learn how to repair your own guitar with the Guitar Repair Workshops.


Over-40s guys, very popular. Beginners, very patient. Aspiring advanced, get right down to playing and applying new approaches. Any level Bass, experiment laying down bass lines. Groups / families, all levels.


Practical Music Theory. CAGED chords / Inversions. Major / Minor. Chord Progressions for Songwriting. Scales, Arpeggios, Modes Blues, Slide, Country, Rock n Roll, Folk, Traditional


£25.00 per hour




28 Caradoc Street NP4 7TG




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