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Colin Ayres. Guitar Teacher.
Colin Ayres

Guitar teacher
Based in Somerset

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I teach 1-1 and in pairs/small groups, all ages. I have taught for 17 years, I teach a variety of styles specialising on more than one style including classical, rock, songs and blues, I tailor the lesson to course to suit each pupils and group, there are respective Classical and Rock Brdaes and medals. I teach from age 6 to adult Examples of my online resources are on and


All levels beginners to advanced. Classical Grades (Trinity), Rock Grades, Rock/Pop Grades - grade 8, and Music Medals if required.


All styles, Classical, Rock, Blues, Folk, Songs, Flamenco, Pop, Punk, Tab, Solos, Reading Music, Solos -


£16 1-1 for an hour, £11 for half an hour, £20 for a pair (hour lesson)






07837 254308



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