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Alex Pritchard. Guitar Teacher.
Alex Pritchard

Guitar teacher
Based in Staffordshire

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Hello! My name is Alex and I have been teaching Guitar for four years. I specialise in good technique and have an excellent record of achievements through my pupils exam passes. I prefer the Rock School examinations to anything else as they have all the basics covered from the ground up for what it takes to become a great guitarist. My enthusiasm for playing really comes through in the way I teach and I can honestly say that many of my pupils have now become friends rather than just clients. As I see the benefits of exams I offer a deal which results in free full hour lessons every two weeks for pupils that take exams. This applies to every level for as long as the exam tuition is required. I teach from my own studio at home and have enough space and equipment to teach up to four students at a time, although unless you want to bring a friend or family member for lessons all lessons will be conducted on a one on one basis (Mum's and Dad's welcome!). Your own guitar is not a necessity if you are starting out as I have two starter guitars you can borrow for the time being. Unlike some other teachers, in lessons you will have your own good quality amp to play through, no changing leads over to worry about here! If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask! Alex


Beginner to Advanced


All styles taught


£15 per hour




4 Stockholm Grove ST1 6UR




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